Tips for using Rip

  1. Use the context menu to remove something. If you remove too much use the 'Undo Last Rip' on the edit menu to go back.
  2. Don't click the context menu directly on an image, click on the surrounding areas instead. The reason for this is that images placed by 'Ad Servers' are typically random, i.e. sometimes it is an image, sometimes it might be a flash etc.
  3. Rip cannot currently remove content contained within a IFrame within a document click near the iframe to remove the row containing the iframe. I will fix this in the next minor release.
  4. Use the Options dialog to specify wildcard's within URL's once you have successfully Rip content from a single page. E.g. http://** matches all webpages in the Yahoo domain. I will put an option to automatically do this when you initially rip content.
  5. Use the standard Page Source to find the content you need to removed and look for common 'class' or 'id' attributes on div or table tags surrounding the content to remove. Then use the built-in XPath editor to specify more general XPath queries to find and remove this content generally rather than in a specific position. E.g. //div[@class='ad'] will find and remove all content contained in a div tag which have a class attribute = 'ad'
  6. Here are some example XPath queries:
    //div[@class='adMsg' or @id='google']Find all div tags on the page with class attributes = adMsg or with id attribute = google
    //tr[td/@colspan=9]Remove all tr's which contain td with colpan attribute = 9
    //table[tbody/tr/td='Sponsored Links']Find all table which contain 'Sponsored Links' ie. Google text based ads
    For more information about XPath queries click here and here

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