Durnig the development of this Extension various Ideas about how I could extend this extension where gathered. Some of the ideas made version 1.0, others will wait for future releases. The following are the major new features planned.

V1.1 - Due July 2008

  1. Rip 'Packages' - Packages are defined under a domain (e.g. and include various 'page' matches (each with there own XPath queries) in a single configuration. If a URL matches more that 'Page' under a Package all XPath queries of the Matching pages will be applied. A Package will also include excluded pages which if match will mean that specific pages will not be included.
  2. Aardvark Support - If Aardvark is detect RIP will optionally use Aardvark selection mechanisms.
  3. Inspector Support - A RIP menu will be added to the DOM Inspector so that it can be used to easily detect content.
  4. Flash removed content - An extra option to temporarily 'flash' hidden content
  5. Dialog Popup for easy XPath Query Creation - The XPath Editor dialog will overhalled and will appear as a popup when selected particular advanced XPath with helper to select which atttributes are required. XPath queries.

V1.2 - Due September 2009

  1. Subscribe to 'Package' Rip's - By subscribing to a Rip Package the extension will check on a periodic basis (e.g. once a day) if there are any available Rip 'Packages' for the current Domain. Automatically downloading and importing them if there are some available.
  2. Publish a 'Package' - Registered "Rip" Publshers will be able to publish a Rip Package where it will become available to subscribers.
  3. Privoxy extension - Publish RIP to special edition of Privoxy which then centrally manages your RIPs

The rip project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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